05.04.2019 – I premiered the piano-solo and live electronics piece- Spiegelung at the Kunstfabrik in Trier. This performance was part of the Quattropolemusikpreis.

27.04.2018 – Premiere of  Neopolis -1. Symphony. Conducted by Titus Engel, Commissioned and performed  by the Deutsche Radio Philarmonie orchestra- Instrumental music.

28.04.2018 – Premiere of the Mapping Show –  Sehnsucht nach Licht – VST Music.

24.06.2016 – Premiere of the Mapping Show – RotationenSound Design

26.11.2015 – Premiere of Klangstudie 3- Farben by the Trio Hors du cadre. Instrumental Music.

27.09.2015 – Premiere of the Klangstudie 2- Time Zone Inferno  by the ensemble Ricercare – Instrumental Music.

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