As premiered with

Eleanor Hahn (danse) & Mitja Arzensek (video) & Florian Schwamborn (music)


is a musical theater play for one dancer, a pianist, a recorded tape and a Video projection. Duration: 55min


A man is coming on stage. He is wearing a suit and holds in his hands two garbage bags full of cumbersomeness. He is coming back home, spent the day at work.​ On the wall, there is an obvious symbol of circles. It is everywhere. In the streets, In the homes, in the minds…

Fiction-Premiere-Théâtre de la Reine Blanche paris (18e) -©Barbara Giroud

He violently drops the bags off and after a while starts to open it and starts to empty it on stage.

1st Scene

He finds the piano on stage and plays.

The symbol slowly disappears

2nd Scene

A woman in a red dress arrives and discovers the contents of the garbage bags

Eleanor Hahn – Fiction premiere – Théâtre de la reine Blanche – Paris(18e) -©Barbara Giroud

and the man who is playing the piano.

She calls out to the public:

“It’s scary, isn’t it?

And for three acts, her voice becomes music and her gestures become dance.