05.04.2019 – This video above shows some excerpts from the premier of the piece Niemanas reflections for piano-solo, live electronics and video projection. This is the 1st reflection premiered with brother and video artist François Schwamborn at the Kunstfabrik in the german city Trier. This performance was part of the Quattropolemusikpreisverleihung.

27.04.2018 – Neopolis – a 1st Symphony for orchestra (*3) and live electronics- was commissioned and performed by the Deutsche Radio Philarmonie. The soundtrack above is the recording from the Premiere conducted by Titus Engel. The picture is from the catalogue of the artist K.O.Götz (2914-2017) very close to my mind and heart. The link bellow is the video of this premiere.

28.04.2018 – Premiere of the Mapping Show –  Sehnsucht nach Licht – VST Music.

24.06.2016 – Premiere of the Mapping Show Surface at the Rotationen Programm – Sound Design

26.11.2015 – Premiere of a song for the color Black from the collection Farben. This is the recording from the premiere by the Trio Hors du cadre. Instrumental Music for Contrabass, cello and viola and an electronic tape.

27.09.2015 – Premiere of Time Zone Inferno  for Stringorchestra, trumpet and live electronics by the ensemble Ricercare – Instrumental Music.